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The Table Tennis Club is part of the MIT Sports Club Council. We are devoted to providing an environment in which members can play both competitively and recreationally.

The club offers quality coaching to its members under the guidance of Coach Liang Liung and Coach Carlos Espinoza-Toro. Both are certified Table Tennis coaches. Coach Liang handles the training of club members while Coach Carlos handles the training of the intercollegiate team. They are assisted by Coach Alex Landsman.

The club offers members 14 quality Butterfly Europa Tables that are in very good condition. In addition, a large number of balls and rackets are available for practice although we do encourage members to bring their own rackets to practice. The club also has a 'Robo Pong' robot to help with team practice sessions.

The MIT team has done very well at the divisional level over the last couple of years, coming in at 3rd place both years. Team practices are held three times a week and consist of various drills and excercises along with 'one on one' coaching with our team coach Carlos. The club has open practice sessions twice a week which we encourage members to take advantage of. A full schedule can be found here.

In addition, the club holds two large tournaments every year that are open to the general public. We encourage all those interested in playing competitively to register for these tournaments. Information regarding upcoming tournaments can be found here

I encourage you to browse through our website. Please feel free to email any questions to tt-officers@mit.edu

Click on this link to view our Club Constitution

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