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MIT Fall Open 2015

Thank you for participating in the 2015 MIT Fall Open! We hope you had fun! Congratulations to the following winners and runner-ups!
  • Open Singles: Winner - Vladimir Shapiro; Runner-up - Brian Gao
  • U2100 Singles: Winner - Brian Gao; Runner-up - Matthew Wu
  • U1800 Singles: Winner - Keng Lei; Runner-up - Shawn Lin
  • U1500 Singles: Winner - David Maisel; Runner-up - Winnie Yeung
  • U1200 Singles
  • Unrated Singles

MIT Spring Open 2015

Thank you all who played in the spring open! Congratulations to our winners and runner-ups for the events!
  • Open Singles: Hubli, Rajat; Du, Guotai
  • U2000 Singles: Hristodulov, Hristo; Tkachenko, Dmitry
  • U1800 Singles: Lau, Ming; Jia, David
  • U1500 Singles: Lau, Ming; Duperron, Robert
  • U1200 Singles: Hoemberger, Marc; Timoshenko, Artem
  • Unrated Singles: Majumdar, Anirudha; Varma, Mukund
  • Open Doubles
  • U2800 Doubles
Detailed results on ratings central can be found here. Hope you all had fun, and hope to see you again next time!

MIT 2014 Fall Open

Thank you to all players who played in the MIT Fall Open! We hope you had as much fun playing as we had organizing it. Congratulations to our winners -
  • Open Singles: Upadhyay, Shyamal; Viswanathan, Siddarth
  • U2000 Singles: Akhmedov, Gus; Wong, Peter
  • U1800 Singles: Enchev, George; Jia, David
  • U1500 Singles: Lei, Keng; Maisel, David
  • U1200 Singles: Duperron, Robert; Luncar, Jiri
  • Unrated Singles: Puschhof, Jens; Rao, Reshma
  • Open Doubles
  • U2800 Doubles

Results can also be found on Ratings Central here. Photos will be uploaded soon!

Hope to see you around in the spring!

MIT Fall 2013 Open

  • Open Singles: Winner: Chase Bockoven; Runner-up: Vladimir Shapiro
  • U2100 Singles: Winner: Thiago Travitzki; Runner-up: Matthew Wu
  • U1800 Singles: Winner: Thiago Travitzki; Runner-up: Peter Wong
  • U1500 Singles: Winner: Peter Wong; Runner-up: Borislav Atanasov
  • U1200 Singles: Winner: Disislav Tsankov; Runner-up: Brian Liu
  • Unrated Singles: Winner: Tariq Najeeb; Runner-up: Arlo Sims

MIT Summer 2013 Open

Thank you to all players that played in the Summer Open! Below are the results for each event:

  • U2000 Singles
    • Winner: Robert Page
    • Runner up: Alireza Amini
  • U1700 Singles
    • Winner: David Maisel
    • Runner up: Yanming Chen
  • U1400 Singles
    • Winner: Jasper Maniates-Selvin
    • Runner up: Yuji Takeda
  • U1100 Singles
    • Winner: ZhouFang Lin
    • Runner up: Ramon Bannister
  • Unrated Singles
    • Winner: Miaolong Sun
    • Runner up: Athanasios Polymeridis
Event details can be found on Ratings Central here. Photos will be posted soon!

MIT Spring 2013 Open

MIT Spring 2013 Open was a success! Thank you to everyone that showed up and congratulations to the finalists!

A detailed listing of the tournament on Ratings Central can be found here, and photos may be found here.

  • Open Singles:
    • Winner: Wang, Michael
    • Runner-up: Shapiro, Vladimir
  • U-2300 Singles:
    • Winner: Bockoven, Connor
    • Runner-up: Gao, Brian
  • U-2100 Singles:
    • Winner: Cui, David
    • Runner-up: Patcher, Jeremy
  • U-1900 Singles:
    • Winner: Wu, Matthew
    • Runner-up: Cui, David
  • U-1700 Singles:
    • Winner: Wu, Matthew
    • Runner-up: Patcher, Jeremy
  • U-1400 Singles:
    • Winner: Sarnet, Thierry
    • Runner-up: Seltzer, Tynan
  • U-1200 Singles:
    • Winner: Seltzer, Tynan
    • Runner-up: Mino-Kenudson, Mari
  • U-1000 Singles:
    • Winner: Walt, Brian
    • Runner-up: O'Rourke, Bob
We are grateful for the sponsorship of Butterfly and Newgy for the event.

MIT Winter Open 2013

Thank you to all for a successful winter open!

Below is a list of the finalists:

  • Open Singles: Winner: Bockoven, Chase Runner-up: Shapiro, Vladimir;
  • U-1900 Singles: Winner: Lee, Jay; Runner-up: Zheng, Long
  • U-1700 Singles: Winner: Rajpurohit, Paresh Runner-up: Duperron, Robert
  • U-1500 Singles: Winner: Huang, Shouping Runner-up: Roach, Roy
  • U-1300 Singles: Winner: Atanasov, Borislav Runner-up: Selvin, Lawrence
  • U-1100 Singles: Winner: Backus, Rodman Runner-up: Swift, William
  • U-900 Singles: Winner: Kenudson, Cris Runner-up: Lau, Albert
  • Unrated Singles: Winner: Atouh, Ryan Runner-up: Kang, Sunghoon

You may also find this event on Ratings Central here. For photos of the tournament, check out the gallery. We look forward to another great year ahead!

MIT Fall Open 2012

Thanks to all who showed up at the Fall Open for a successful event! We had a record turnout of over 150 players. Below are the winners and runner-ups of the events.
  • Open Singles: Winner: Shapiro, Vladimir; Runner-up: Espinoza-Toro, Carlos
  • U-2100 Singles: Winner: Page, Robert; Runner-up: Lee, Jay
  • U-1800 Singles: Winner: Lee, Hyo Sug; Runner-up: Wu, Matthew
  • U-1500 Singles: Winner: Kotlerman, Yevgeniya; Runner-up: Duperron, Robert
  • U-1200 Singles: Winner: Hoemberger, Marc; Runner-up: Roux, Ryan
  • Unrated Singles: Winner: Abasali, Riad; Runner-up: Sarnet, Thierry
A detailed report can be found here at Ratings Central. Hope to see all of you again next time!



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