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Tournaments > Archives > 2012 Spring Open Results

A big thanks to all the participants. The tournament went along smoothly and it was great to see everyone enjoy themselves. It's been a great year serving as President and the club is in great shape. Pramod Kandel (currrent Vice President) will be taking over from next year. We look forward to seeing you at the 2012 Fall Open!


Open Singles: 1st Place - John Beaumont, 2nd Place - Brian Gao
Women's Singles: 1st Place - Magali Soumillon, 2nd Place - Yevgeniya Kolterman
U2000 Singles: 1st Place - Robert Page, 2nd Place - Jie Lu
U1700 Singles: 1st Place - Thiago Travitzki, 2nd Place - Mathew Wu
U1400 Singles: 1st Place - Jeremy Patcher, 2nd Place - Travis McGee
U1100 Singles: 1st Place - Paul Lau, Jr., 2nd Place - Howard Lasnik
Unrated Singles: 1st Place - Magali Soumillon, 2nd Place - Jimmy Chen

Have a great Spring!

Sidhant Pai

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