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Jessica Noss

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Jesica Noss

Vocal part: Mezzo

Office: President

Class year: 2014

Course: ???

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Jessica's favorite activities include music, math, gymnastics, and outdoorsy stuff. Specifically, in addition to singing in Techiya, she plays oboe in MITSO (Symphony Orchestra) and MITWE (Wind Ensemble). She enjoys any combination of biking, hiking, camping, lakes, and exploring. Well, almost any combination - maybe not hiking around a lake while carrying a bike. She also likes to bake yummy things like cookies and banana bread. Jessica loves many music-related things, including piano, Les MisÚrables, The Phantom of the Opera, musicals in general, Chanticleer, and singing outside barefoot at night. She also loves Legos, Rubik's Cubes, and Microsoft Excel. And board games and card games. And reading. and the list goes on and on.