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Mauro Braunstein

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Mauro Braunstein

Vocal part: Tenor

Office: Musical Director Emeritus

Class year: Graduate (Harvard '06)

Course: 12

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

Mauro is studying astroclimatology (an impressive-sounding word he made up himself) to become a composer. He also plays some instruments in the MIT Wind Ensemble, including electric kazoo, and stays up very late doing problem sets that would have been better done in a time otherwise spent playing videogames and procrastinating on political blogs. He likes music of all kinds, especially videogame music, Brazilian music (he is actually from Rio de Janeiro, RJ and claims, dubiously, to be Sephardic), Jewish music, wind ensemble music, his own music, Bach keyboard music, new music, and showtunes. He is also a math nerd who actually enjoys symbol-pushing.