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Nate Zuk

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Nate Zuk

Vocal part: Tenor

Office: Music Director

I am a graduate student in the Harvard program in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology, which means I'm an MIT student. My current research is in the neural processing of cues for sound localization. As an undergraduate at the University of Rochester, I composed music for piano, voice, carillon (the instrument used to play the bells in the bell tower), small ensemble, pit orchestra, and a tap dancer. That's what I did by day, by night I was a biomedical engineer (yeah, long all-nighters, not gonna lie). I prefer to play [insert genre], and I'm really glad I'm in Techiya, because Techiya primarily performs [insert genre] songs in [insert language], so our musical interests are very similar. And I have juggled three balls with someone else while playing the Mission Impossible theme song on the piano. Good question!