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Yu-Pu Wang

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Vocal part: Baritone 



Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan 

Yu-Pu can often be found singing and dancing simultaneously, even with songs that are nowhere near danceable. He is currently also in the Chinese Choral Society and Asian Dance Team focusing mainly on modern dances. Other than everyday radio top 40 songs, he also enjoys punk rock, East Asian (Chinese / Japanese / Korean) pop, electronic / synth / experimental music, choral and especially a cappella music, and classical music. He also has a variety of random interests including photography, drawing, playing acoustic guitar, volleyball, hiking, bicycling, skiing, linguistics, meteorology, MATLAB, Pokemon games, amateur astronomy, making lunchboxes, decorating his apartment, hugging friends, being a human GPS, pondering how certain things should be redesigned, and challenging gender stereotypes. During his "free" time (which occurs 6 days per week) he is also a synthetic organic chemist who enjoys arrow-pushing and taking high-quality NMR spectra.