Tech Video Showcase - a video contest for MIT students

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Here are some example videos made by people at MIT that approximate the range of subject matter and production styles appropriate for the IAP Video Contest. The inclusion of the following clips does not necessarily mean that they are deemed exemplary or should be used as blueprints. Rather, if you need a jumping-off point, take a look.

A "Profile" example: Walter Lewin Video Promo
Another "Profile" example: Magnanti's First Pitch
An "Educational" example: Godel Escher Back for Kids
A "How Stuff Works" example: Fusion Research at MIT
A "How-To" example: The Making of Mens et Manus (In Origami), Vol. 1
An example of "Just for Fun": Doctor Doctor Episode 1 - Steel Drum Implosion
Another example of "Just for Fun": MIT Museum's Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction 2007
Another example of "Just for Fun": Dihydrogen Monoxide
One more example of "Just for Fun": Walk through the Stata Center
Note: You don't need a video camera to make movies. This video was made from a sequence of still images shot with a digital camera.
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