Tech Video Showcase - a video contest for MIT students

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Most of your questions should be covered here.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to read the Entry and Submission Requirements carefully.

What's the purpose of this contest?
To generate interesting, appealing multimedia content about science, engineering, and technology for MIT TechTV, a YouTube-like site. Also, to see and showcase the creativity of MIT students as well as show and thank alumni for their generous donations that make a lot of what happens here at MIT possible.
Who is sponsoring the contest?
MIT TechTV in partnership with Academic Media Production Services (AMPS) and the MIT Alumni Fund.
What's in it for me?
  • A chance to win a brand new Apple iPod Touch.
  • Dinner at a fun place for you and your friends –OR– $1,000 towards the area of MIT in need of support that you highlighted in your video
  • Plus a chance at fame and fortune.
  • How can I participate?
    Follow the instructions on the Sign-Up page.
    Where do I upload my video?
    First, register for the contest. When you have done that, you may sign in to MIT TechTV and upload your video. BE SURE TO CATEGORIZE YOUR VIDEO BY PUTTING IT IN THE "IAP VIDEO CONTEST - EXTENDED" GENRE AND WITH THE TAG "IAPVideoContest".
    What if I don't own a video camera?
    You can shoot video with your digital camera or cell phone, or you can borrow a video camera.
    What about editing software?
    You can use iMovie on your Mac or MovieMaker on your PC. If these options aren't available to you, see Tips & Support for info about free editing software and editing facilities at the New Media Center.
    What kind of video content is acceptable? How crazy can the videos be?
    Anything within the guidelines is acceptable, and your video can be as inventive as you want. That said, make it :
    • nonfiction
    • interesting or entertaining
    • appropriate for and accessible to a wide audience, including middle-schoolers (you know—keep it clean)
    See these example videos if you need ideas.
    Can I use digital photos, PowerPoint slides, etc?
    Yes, as long as you integrate them into video format (see acceptable video formats).
    Who's the audience for my video?
    Videos uploaded to MIT TechTV, including the videos in this contest, will be viewable by anyone in the world. Contest videos should be accessible to a broad, non-technical audience, including middle-schoolers.
    What happens to my video after the contest?
    Your video will remain on MIT TechTV and be viewable to the world. If you have further questions about what happens to your video after the contest, contact techtv [at] mit [dot] edu.
    How do I vote?
    Vote online by choosing a "star rating" for the one video of your choice in this contest.
    How do I win?
    A combination of votes from the MIT community and a panel of judges will determine the top winners of the contest.
    Who are the judges?
    The judging panel has not yet been chosen. Judges will be members of the MIT community and be named toward the end of the contest.

    Still have questions? Contact techtv [at] mit [dot] edu.
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