"Classic" Petrologic Localities

The following list consists of selected "classic" petrologic localities. These localities are noteworthy because someone has chosen to do detailed petrologic/geochemical work there and because this work has had an important influence on petrology. You are expected to become familiar with these localities. The process of familiarization should include the following for each locality:

1) Geographic location and areal extent
2) Geologic setting, age and relation to tectonic features
3) Dominant rock type(s) and range of rock types present
4) Distinctive structural, mineralogical and/or chemical features of the igneous rocks.
5) Historical context, role in evolution of thought, authors of the important papers and major conclusions

You should also think out for yourself the petrologic significance of each locality. For the older and more classic localities, you will be able to find summary descriptions in Carmichael, Turner and Verhoogen (1974), and even Bowen (1928) or Daly (1933). For these localities secondary references will be sufficient and you do not have to read the treatises that were originally published. For other cases you will want to refer to original work.
  1. Inner Hebrides, Scotland (Mull, Arndnamurchan, Arran, Rhum, Skye)
  2. Donegal, Ireland
  3. Whin Sill, UK
  4. Lugar Sill
  5. Thingmuli, Iceland
  6. Skaergaard Intrusion, East Greenland
  7. FAMOUS area, MAR,
  8. Kane Fracture Zone, MAR
  9. Cayman Trough
  10. Kolbeinsky Rise
  11. St. Paul's Rocks
  12. Parana Province
  13. Ascension and St. Helena Islands
  14. Gough Island
  15. Nain, Labrador
  16. Munro township, Ontario
  17. Bay of Islands, Newfoundland
  18. Ossippee Mountains, New Hampshire
  19. Red Hill, New Hampshire
  20. Mt. Ascutney, Vt.
  21. Adirondack Mountains, New York
  22. Palisades, New Jersey
  23. Cortlandt, New York
  24. Subdury, Ontario
  25. Magnet Cove, Arkansas
  26. Spanish Peaks, Colorado
  27. Iron Hill, Colorado
  28. San Juan Mountains, Colorado
  29. Leucite Hills, Wyoming
  30. Boulder Batholith, Montana
  31. Stillwater Complex, Montana
  32. Highwood Mountains, Utah
  33. Jemez Mountains, New Mexico
  34. Nevada Test Site
  35. Sierra Nevada, California
  36. Long Valley, California
  37. Yellowstone Park
  38. Crater Lake, Oregon
  39. Southern Cascades, CA
  40. Columbia River province
  41. Snake River Plain, Idaho
  42. Coast Ranges, British Columbia
  43. Muskox Intrusion
  44. Duke Island, Alaska
  45. Mt. Katmai, Alaska
  46. Kilauea, Hawaii
  47. Mauna Loa, Hawaii
  48. Fuji - Hakone volcanoes, Japan
  49. Krakatoa, Indonesia
  50. Pinatubo, Phillipines
  51. Bonin Islands
  52. Izu - Mariana Arc
  53. Taupo, New Zealand
  54. Deccan Traps, India
  55. Madras, India
  56. Troodos massif, Cyprus
  57. Vourinos Complex, Greece
  58. Mt. Vesuvius, Italy
  59. Platta ophiolite, Switzerland
  60. Southwestern Finland
  61. Fen district, Norway
  62. Kola Peninsula
  63. Udachnaya
  64. Oman ophiolite
  65. East African Rift Valley
  66. Oldinyo Lengai, Tanzania
  67. Kimberley
  68. Barberton Mountainland, South Africa
  69. Karoo dolerites, South Africa
  70. Bushveld Complex
  71. Great Dyke, Zimbabwe
  72. Taurus Littrow
  73. Hadley Rille
  74. Descartes Highland
  75. Mare Tranquilitatus