Undergraduate LBGT Community
Undergraduate LBGT Community

How to Contact Members

ULC is an undergraduate social organization. There are several LGBT groups on MIT Campus, please visit our links for more information about these other groups.

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    The ULC mailing list is confidential and no-one except our administrator has access to it. If you would like to join, please provide us with the following information (required fields are marked with an asterisk):
    Subscribe to* Event Announcements [ulc]
    Discussion List [ulc-discuss]

    If you have trouble using the form, please e-mail ulc-request@mit.edu.

  • Zephyr on Athena Network
    Everyone who is logged in and subscribed to messages from the ULC zephyr class will receive your message. Anyone can subscribe to the class at any time.

    To subscribe zctl add ulc \* \*
    To send a message zwrite -c ulc
    To unsubcribe zctl delete ulc \* \*