Undergraduate LBGT Community
Undergraduate LBGT Community

Other groups and organizations at MIT

  • The LBGT Issues Group
    A committee of faculty, staff, students, and alumni working to ensure MIT is a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment
    Queer Women Looking for Life inTech School
    Social and discussion group for queer women - graduates and undergraduates welcome
  • Rainbow Coffeehouse
    The primary graduate student group, sponsoring social activities and events
    Gay, Bisexual, and Lesbian Employees and Supporters

    The primary staff group, sponsoring a lunch on the last working day of each month
  • GaMIT
    Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and Friends at MIT
    The oldest queer group at MIT and one of the first in the US, GaMIT exists as a student group to provide an avenue for LBGT social and political advocacy
  • Sloan LGBT
    Focuses its efforts on the Sloan community and preparing students for life in related professions
    Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Alumni
    Provides a social and professional network for LBGT alumni

LBGT Resources at MIT

  • lbgt@mit
    Part of Student Life Programs, the staff of lbgt@mit coordinates programs, services, and information for MIT's LBGT community. A great place to start! Offices W20-549 and 50-306, or call 3-6777 or 3-5440.
  • Lavender Guide
    An on-line resource guide for MIT's LBGT community. The Guide covers MIT and Boston-area resources, information, groups, services, and business.
  • Rainbow Lounge
    A place for MIT's LBGT community to gather, meet, study, and get information. Home to MIT's LBGT student organizations and a library of resources: books, magazines, and DVD/VHS. Location: 3rd floor of Walker Memorial (50-306). Telephone: (617) 253-5440.
  • Student Support Groups
    Bi-weekly discussions on topics YOU want to talk about. Support and discussions for all LBGT and questioning undergraduate and graduate students - not just for coming out. Safe and confidential!