Join In! Contribute to Issues and Tools

We welcome your additions that expand the Framework and capture experience from practitioners! Contributions can be from your own experience, or from another resource that you discovered.

What do we define as an Issue?

  • Options, tradeoffs and debates

What do we define as a Tool?

  • How to carry out and perform actions and tasks

What is our bias for including information?

  • Contributions should be targeted toward ‘front-line’ practitioners of urban upgrading. Ask: 'Can this information assist practice?'
  • Summaries, key points are desired. We do not want the complete text, but only the reference on how to find the full information and a summary which offers a clear idea of content.
  • Preference is given to information derived from actual field experience.
  • Practitioners are assumed to be able to judge the applicability of the information and are familiar with upgrading concepts. It is not necessary to go into detail explanations of finer points.

How do we deal with your contribution?

  • If new and useful, we will include the complete text as a separate topic.
  • If the submittal provides additional information and expands on existing items, we will include as a separate item under the topic heading.
  • If ‘better’ than the existing item, we will replace with your contribution.
  • If your submittal duplicates or is considered not directly applicable to practice, we will not include it.

And, we will give you credit for your submittal! (unless you request otherwise) However, we will probably edit your contribution to fit our style!


Please fill in the form below alerting us to an issue or tool useful for practitioners.

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When done, you may or if you want to start over.
Your ideas and contributions will be sent to the MIT-SIGUS Team which acts as a clearinghouse for collecting information and periodically updates the Framework.

Thank you!

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