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    Building Stakeholder Capacity

    • Encouraging Entrepreneurship


This US$5.0 million (1998 dollars) World Bank “Learning Innovation Loan” is aimed at creating a positive climate for local private small to medium-scale construction enterprises. The project involves the design and dissemination of appropriate technologies and how to implement them using local stakeholders as the coordinating bodies. Also important to the project is the design and testing of appropriate evaluation and supervision methods.
For further information:
“Project Appraisal Document on a Proposed Learning Innovation Loan (LIL) to the Gabonese Republic for a Pilot Community Infrastructure Works and Capacity Building Project” (Washington, D.C.: World Bank, February 1998)

The proposed project will help the Government of Gabon to:
  • “design and disseminate appropriate technologies, procurement and contracting methods for labor-based works among main local stakeholders (local NGOs, municipalities and technical ministries in particular);
  • test these approaches through the upgrading of community infrastructure in four poor neighborhoods of Gabon’s main cities (Libreville, Port-Gentil and Franceville);
  • design and test appropriate evaluation and supervision methods for economic and social, and environmental impacts of the proposed infrastructure schemes and civil works in general; and
  • prepare a program aimed at creating a conducive institutional and regulatory environment for the sustainable development of local private small and medium scale enterprises in the construction sector” (PAD, 2).
  • Capacity strengthening of key stakeholders
  • Pilot community-based infrastructure schemes
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Support to a longer-term program of institutional reforms
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