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    Large-Scale Community-Based Housing Development

    • Scaling-Up Upgrading

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During the mid and late 70s, much large-scale organized squatting took place in Lima, Peru. In response to this problem, the national system of mobilization,(Sistema Nacional de Movilización Social) SINAMOS, would relocate squatters to surveyed plots on the outskirts of the city that fit within the plan for greater Lima. These new communities were provided with hospitals and trucked in water. Soon, water and fuel services began to be provided by private informal businesses and eventually these areas were provided with regular urban services by the city.

This approach is noted for its ability to be scaled-up and for its natural spawning of private service providers (e.g. water and fuel services).

For further information:
Habilitación Urbana con Participación Popular: Tres Casos en Lima, Peru. Riofrio, Gustavo. (Germany: GTZ, 1986)

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