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Capturing Experience: Evaluations
What are the indicators for evaluations?

Criteria that must be met for an upgrading project to be considered successful is suggested in General Project Indicators.

General Project Indicators

Excerpt from: Ivo Imperato, Diagonal Urbana, and Jeff Ruster, World Bank. Participation in Upgrading and Services for the Urban Poor: Lessons From Latin America. The World Bank, 1999.

Five criteria must be met before an urban upgrading project is considered successful:

    1 - Impact in terms of improvements in health, quality of life and the local environment

    2 - Sustainability of the benefits in the long term, in social, environmental, technical, economic and financial terms.

    3 - Institutional capacity building of all stakeholders.

    4 - Replicability - it is important to produce results and develop replicable models.

    5 - Scale – the magnitude of the problems is such that an intervention can be considered truly successful only if it produces at a meaningful scale.

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