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Capturing Experience
Training cum Assessing Workshop: Aleppo Case Example

This workshop is an example of a rapid, field-based, action-oriented training workshop.

The goal was to sensitize to the different perspectives of the stakeholders, to explore different ways of identifying and addressing problems, and in general to develop an awareness and sensitivity to the area which would help them in their professional work.

Participants were practiticing professionals from a cross-section of disciplines dealing with urban improvement: planners, architects, engineers, economists, sociologists.

The format was highly interactive requiring hands-on participation. It is not structured in a lecture format but relies on the participants’ experience and on-the-spot field surveys.

Charts - simple yet powerful - were used to structure the the participants’ inputs and became the primary product of the workshop. They proved to be very effective in framing issues, capturing ideas and exploring creative alternatives.

The workshop was held over a 10-day period on-site in the old city of Aleppo.

For further information:
Preparatory Training Workshop for the Aleppo Action Area Two. City of Aleppo and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ). Aleppo, April 1999. (37 pp)

Summary of Exercises

Understanding the Area

Establishing Strategies and Priorities

Considering Implementation

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