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Capturing Experience
Indicators to See If You Got It Right

Indicators for Success

Excerpt from:
Ivo Imparato, Diagonal Urbana, and Jeff Ruster, World Bank. Participation in Upgrading and Services for the Urban Poor: Lessons From Latin America. The World Bank, 1999.

Five criteria must be met before an urban upgrading project is considered successful:

    1 - Impact in terms of improvements in health, quality of life and the local environment

    2 - Sustainability of the benefits in the long term, in social, environmental, technical, economic and financial terms.

    3 - Institutional capacity building of all stakeholders.

    4 - Replicability - it is important to produce results and develop replicable models.

    5 - Scale - the magnitude of the problems is such that an intervention can be considered truly successful only if it produces at a meaningful scale.

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