The Resource Framework draws its strength from practice and experience. Case examples and lessons from practitioners are the key sources of information

We welcome you to join us in creating this Resource.

Join the community of practitioners in collecting information that has proven useful in the field in upgrading efforts. Help the information to grow in depth and scope. Become an ‘Upgrading Partner’ by contributing to the development of the Resource Framework.

You can:

  • Assist in the development of the framework,
  • Provide inputs from your experience; and
  • Evaluate information to assist other practitioners.

Send us your ideas and contributions. The MIT-SIGUS Team acts as the clearinghouse for collecting information and periodically updating the Resource.

Join in by contributing to the resource:

We are looking for case examples that show specific lessons, references that you use in practice, tools that have proven useful, and other sources of information that you think would be helpful to fellow practitioners. We will credit your contribution and send you a copy of a future updated CD.
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