We wish to thank the many people who generously contributed with their time and effort in the preparation of the Framework. The strength and usability of the material are only as good as the inputs, and their insightful contributions are greatly appreciated.
Mercedes Aleman
Danielle Arigoni
Angelica Arce
Jose Brakarz
Dean Cira
Caroline Clarke
Rudy Cressa
Ani Dasgupta
Nassir Djafari
Ursula Eigel
Martin Gambrill
Roy Gilbert
Rumana Huque
Ivo Imparato
Priscila Izar
Michael Jacobs
Christianna Johnnides
Christine Kessides
Earl Kessler
Magda Lara-Resende
A. Graeme Lee
Abel Mehia
Braz Menezes
Amy Nolan-Osborn
Enrique Pantoja
Ronald Parker
Alicia Ritchie
Eduardo Rojas
Jeff Ruster
Ingrid Schwoerer
Vitor Serra
Radha Seshagiri
Jeannette Smith
Deepali Tewari
Jens Windelberg
Sarah Wines

Diagonal, Brazil

GTZ: German Agency for Technical Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit)

IDB: InterAmerican Development Bank

KfW: Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau

OED: Operations and Evaluations Department, World Bank

USAID: United States Agency for International Development

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