Asia Pacific Cities Forum

An action partnership promoting business citizenship in urban developments.
Brief Overview
The Asia Pacific Cities Forum is working to promote “better managed and more livable cities in the Asia-Pacific, where an enlightened business sector comes into partnerships with local governments and other urban stakeholders for sustainable development.”

Their mission is to “foster the development of partnerships, focusing primarily on strengthening links between the entrepreneurial spirit of the business sector and urban leaders, thereby creating a synergy for better decision making practices and effective management for resources in cities in Asia and the Pacific.”

Their goals are to provide the “persuaded” leadership in the business community a platform through which they can showcase their efforts in developing a business citizenship/responsibility program that moves beyond corporate philanthropy to social investment. Specifically, the charter includes the following goals:

  • Alliance Building: To create a space where the region’s business leaders and decision-makers interact to share ideas, learn from each other, and gain support from their colleagues to continue their efforts building on the visions, creativity, and business partnerships that they have initiated in their cities in Asia.
  • Catalyst for Action: Assist participating cities to initiate carefully selected pilot projects involving business partnership in urban revitalization, creative reuse of historic areas, provision of basic services, and environmental improvement and regeneration.
  • Information Exchange: Identify, document and disseminate, through an interactive network and website, examples of innovative and successful business led urban partnerships in improving the quality of life in cities from around the world that may be applicable to cities in Asia.
Contact Information
Akhtar Badshah
Executive Director, APCF
2203, 246th Pl. NE,
Redmond, WA-98053, USA
telephone: (425) 898-9739
fax: (425) 898-9649
e-mail: abadshah@msn.com

Stated Goals
Regions of Work
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