Ciudad Alternativa, Inc.

A local NGO in the Dominican Republic dedicated to urban issues
Brief Overview
This national NGO has worked to strengthen the participation of citizens for the improvement of the quality of life among low-income urban groups since 1989. They perform research - training and provide information to promote public awareness They specialize in:
Shelter - construction - building materials, Public services and infrastructure, Land - security of tenure, Policy development, Environment - ecology, Income generation - poverty reduction
They specifically target urban areas, inner cities, slums, squatter settlements in the Dominican Republic.
Contact Information
Asociación Ciudad Alternativa, Inc.
AP B 197 Calle 14 No. 3 Alt.
Esq. Int. A En Sarche Espallet
Executive Officer:
Ms. Ana F. S. Fernandez, Executive Director
telephone: 1 809 686 6395, 1 809 686 681
telex: 3264112 P.B.
fax: 1 809 544 4407

Stated Goals
Regions of Work
Areas of Work
Construction of self-help houses and neighbourhood upgrading, providing legal advice to educated people, and resettling dwellers of new housing areas.
Examples of Upgrading Project
Project Selection Process
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