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International Development Research Center

Conducts research and connects people, institutions, and ideas
Brief Overview

The mandate
“The International Development Research Centre is a public corporation created by the Parliament of Canada to help researchers and communities in the developing world find solutions to their social, economic, and environmental problems. IDRC connects people, institutions, and ideas to ensure that the results of the research it supports and the knowledge that research generates, are shared equitably among all its partners, North and South.”

Old Problems, New Approaches
“Poverty is a deeply rooted problem in both developing and developed countries. IDRC's experience has shown that the components of complex issues like global poverty cannot be usefully separated; social, environmental, and economic factors remain inextricably linked. By themselves, traditional disciplines, like economics, are inadequate in confronting many of the challenges developing countries face. To deal with the tangled nature of development issues, IDRC has pioneered new approaches for delivering its program of research support. Rather than starting with one discipline and seeking to solve a problem, IDRC will start with the problem and consider what knowledge and which disciplines can contribute to its solution. This multidisciplinary focus continues IDRC's search for effective and more holistic solutions to development challenges.”

Contact Information

Head office:
250 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 6M1

Mailing address:
PO Box 8500
Ottawa, ON K1G 3H9
telephone: +1 (613) 236 6163
telnet: (to access library catalogues and databases)
e-mail: (to get general information) (to reach the library reference desk) (to order books or other IDRC publications) (to get information on IDRC publications) (to send a letter to the editor of IDRC Reports, our weekly on-line magazine)

Stated Goals
Regions of Work
Areas of Work
Examples of Upgrading Project
Project Selection Process
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