Non-governmental agency providing technical assistance and funding in southern India.
Brief Overview
Established in 1968, MYRADA is a non-governmental organization working for micro-credit initiatives and sustainable development in Southern India. From 1968 to 1978, MYRADA concerned itself with the resettlement of 15,000 Tibetan Refugees with the Indian government. After 1978, MYRADA shifted its focus to working with poor communities in rural India. Currently, MYRADA centers its attention on the districts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu through its 14 active projects. MYRADA focuses on the building of appropriate peoples’ institutions rather than on the delivery of goods. Efforts are made to motivate the people to contribute money and time and to absorb the skills necessary to maintain these goods. MYRADA had 489 staff members in 1994 and 1000 rural volunteers trained in community health care, animal husbandry, forestry, literacy and other relevant areas who provide services in the project areas. MYRADA is now working directly with 75000 families, approximately 8,50,000 people.
Contact Information
MYRADA Head Office
No. 2 Service Road
Dumlur Layout
Bangalore 560 071
telephone: 091-80-5543166, 5564457, 5572028, 5578279
fax: 091-80-5569982

Stated Goals
From the MYRADA Mission Statement, 1994:
1. To foster a process of ongoing change in favor of the rural poor in a way in which this process can be sustained by them through their efforts
2. To build and manage appropriate and innovative local level institutions rooted in values of justice, equity and mutual support, which can ensure their sustainable livelihoods.
3. To recreate a self-sustaining habitat based on a balanced perspective of the relationship between natural resources and the legitimate needs of people.
4. To influence public policies in favor of the poor and to build supportive institutional linkages between official institutions and peoples organizations.
5. To support small NGOs and foster the emergence of new NGOs working in rural areas.
6. To promote networking among peoples institutions and among NGOs.
Regions of Work
Southern India
Areas of Work
1. Rural credit systems
2. Organizations of women
3. Management of micro watersheds
4. Forestry
5. Resettlement
In addition to loan making and micro-credit systems, MYRADA supports small voluntary groups and networking. MYRADA has an information network through which over 400 NGOs and institutions receive regularly its Participatory Rural Appraisal and Rural Management Systems series. MYRADA collaborates with the government on some projects.
Examples of Upgrading Project
In collaboration with the government of India, MYRADA has supported upgrading projects in a number of areas, including the provision of potable water and sanitation facilities and housing. In Karnataka, MYRADA has trained government employees in the methods of participatory planning. MYRADA projects in the housing sector have led to the construction of 6,800 new homes since 1982. In this effort, MYRADA has been supported by both national and local government funds.
Project Selection Process
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