Contractor, sub-contractor, and joint venture partner providing technical expertise for projects around the world.
Brief Overview
Bruun & Sørensen AS, the Danish predecessor to INTERTEC, undertook its first foreign contracting projects at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, the company has focused much of its attention on international projects. Today, INTERTEC has expanded to form a decentralized group of companies, with the parent company located in Denmark. It was incorporated in 1980 and is now one of the major electrical and mechanical engineering contractors for international work worldwide.
Contact Information

Fiskergade 66
PO Box 239
DK-8100 Aarhus C

telephone: (+45) 8732 3400
fax: (+45) 8732 3401

Stated Goals
The tradition of building on a local as well as an international presence.
Regions of Work
Africa, Asia, and Europe
Areas of Work
1. airport projects
2. renewable energy
3. industrial projects
4. infrastructure projects
5. mechanical and electrical projects
INTERTEC works with major building contractors and machine manufacturers, as well as local authorities and international aid organizations to provide technical installation assistance and expertise.
Examples of Upgrading Project
Scandrill, a borehole drilling company jointly owned by INTERTEC and IFU (the Danish Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries), was contracted to create 75 boreholes in the Kansungu District of Malawi, Africa, for Plan International Malawi (a child-focused humanitarian non-governmental organization) to provide access to safe and consistently available water to people in the region. The technical assistance provided by Scandrill included the following activities: siting, drilling, installation of PVC pipes, installation of pumps, pump testing, headworks, and water quality tests. After the successful completion of this contract, Scandrill was contracted for an additional 85 boreholes.

Another example of a project undertaken by INTERTEC is the Sabah Adult Psychiatric Hospital, Kuwait, their largest ongoing project in the Middle East. The contract calls for electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations, as well as the maintenance of these systems for two years after completion. The hospital will provide comprehensive therapeutic services for the mentally ill, with the capacity to accommodate 250 long-term patients and 150 day-patients within a gross area of 42,000 m_, including support and service facilities.

Project Selection Process
Because INTERTEC is contracted to provide services, the companies and organizations that provide the contracts approach the company.
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