Useful Downloads

‘An Overview of Urban Upgrading’

A 10-slide series which explains the general concepts of upgrading through photographs and summary text.

(Powerpoint format; 1.5MB file size)

Download: overview.ppt

Photo from 10 slide series

‘Year 2001 Upgrading’

A 12-month calendar updated from 2000, with photographs illustrating upgrading issues.

(11 inches x 25 inches; .pdf format 488K file size)

Download: calendar.pdf

Year 2001 Upgrading Calendar

‘Community Action Planning’

This chart ‘Plan for Action’ highlights a 15-step process of interactive planning. The chart is based on a series of workshops held in Bangladesh with technical staff and community groups. It is useful for explaining and understanding process, as well as a guide for carrying out ‘action planning’.

(May be enlarged to 24 inches x 36 inches; .pdf format, 1.2MB file size)

Download: WallChart.pdf

Small graphic showing wall chart.

Nelson Mandela: No More Slums

A poster 30 inches x 40 inches. Too big to download, but please email ‘Ask Grady’ to request a copy. $10

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