What is urban upgrading?
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Contribute your 'success story' photographs! Send jpeg images as attachments to AskGrady@mit.edu along with a short description of what we are looking at and the location where the picture was taken. The file type should be jpeg, saved to 72 dpi. We will take care of sizing your photos and putting it on this web site. If your photographs are used, we will send you free a 'Ask Grady' Upgrader T-Shirt.

Roll your mouse over the photos below to see the "before" picture.


Photo of the '13 de Junho' Community
The '13 de Junho' Community
Bahia, Brazil
Basic services provided the 'backbone' for community growth.


Photo of the 'Dom Lucas' Community
The 'Dom Lucas' Community
Bahia, Brazil

Community efforts allowed careful insertion of infrastructure.


Photo of The 'Fazenda Grande IV' Community
The 'Fazenda Grande IV' Community
Bahia, Brazil

Extensive rebuilding was required for the difficult site.


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