Policies and Legal Aspects



Policy does matter. Most country policies do not explicitly address the needs of the poor for water and sanitation. In many cases policies relevant to water and sanitation are not backed by appropriate national strategies. Moreover, the unprecedented urbanisation calls for an urgent review of existing policies in order to deal with issue of scale.

Making Policy

What can the practitioners do? Objectives, Actions, and Tools.

Policies need to be supported by appropriate and up-to-date legislation. Failure results in growing informal supply of services. Barriers need to be removed, and conflict among laws need to be addressed.

Defining Legal Framework

What can the practitioners do? Objectives, Actions, and Tools.

Over-regulation, or regulations that are too prescriptive or strict, constain innovation in meeting the needs of the urban poor. Weak administrative capacity, a lack of regulatory agencies, and coordination and coherence of regulations are specific problems that must be addressed.

Establishing Regulations

How can the regulations be changed? Objectives, Actions, and Tools.
Water and Sanitation for All
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