UTEACH: Undergraduates
Teaching (and Learning) @ MIT
  UTEACH is a consortium of interested parties at MIT who believe that teaching by undergraduates is an exceptional learning experience for them and is one component of a vibrant and innovative learning community at MIT.

We believe that undergraduates who teach can complement (not replace) the traditional role of faculty and graduate students as lecturers and recitation leaders. In addition, we believe that undergraduates who teach deepen and broaden their own understanding.

Our mission is to support high-quality, creative undergraduate teaching by:

-> helping undergraduates develop innovative subjects, seminars, and workshops, using both traditional and non-traditional pedagogical methods (e.g., project-based and hands-on learning) in traditional and non-traditional settings (e.g., in student residences, during IAP)
-> providing training and assessment of undergraduates who teach or wish to teach
-> raising the credibility and visibility of undergraduates who teach
-> creating an Institute-wide clearinghouse of programs and activities that involve teaching by undergraduates.

Among the specific initiatives UTEACH is coordinating in the current school year are:

The ad-hoc committee on UTEACH includes the Experimental Study Group (ESG), Integrated Studies Program (ISP), Teacher Education Program (TEP), the Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL), the Educational Studies Program (ESP), the Office of Minority Education (OME), and the Public Service Center (PSC).

For more information about UTEACH, please contact:

Ben Davis '99
UTEACH Coordinator
ESG Lecturer
email: bendavis@mit.edu

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