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Voo Doo's Fate Not Certain

For those of you who are not up to date with our politics, Voo Doo's future home is uncertain. The 'tvte has seen fit to renovate Walker Memorial and will most likely give most of the building to course 21M, Music and Theater Arts. This will mean that Voo Doo will be forced to move after 91 years of dedicated service to Walker Memorial and the MIT community. We have not been told (despite LOTS of asking) where exactly we will be placed when we are forced to move. Can we stay with you? Let us know.

The Voo Doo Archive Project

We are currently in the middle of a big effort to obtain and digitise all of the past issues of Voo Doo, all the way back to 1919, and the issues of Whoop Garoo (our precurser in 1918). Having the issues professionally scanned in excruciating detail costs about $12 per issue, so at our current usual rate of poverty this will take a long time. If you would like to donate money or old issues to this worthy cause, please get in touch with us at voodoo [at] mit.edu. Check with us first before sending us any old issues, in case we have them already. We also will be able to arrange return of your treasured memento. Check out the ones we have done so far in the Voo Doo Archives.

Welcome Freshmen!

Please download and read Voo Doo's Secret Freshman Guide immediately!

The Voo Doo Problem Set

Don't have enough work to do? Then try your hand at this latest dribble from the fire hose: the Voo Doo Problem Set. First distributed to 18.01 freshmen on September 30, it is quickly spreading to become the world's biggest craze!

Annual-ish 24-Hour Voodoo Telethon! April 8 to April 9

From sometime in the afternoon of April 8 to an equivalent hour in the afternoon of April 9, Voo Doo will have our telethon on MIT's Student Cable (Channel 36) in order to try to raise money for the Magazine. Please watch and donate!

If you wanna be on the air, just email us.

Voo Doo crashes the National Intercollegiate Humor Conference!

Voo Doo attended the first ever National Intercollegiate Humor Conference in Princeton on the weekend of April 1-3, and would like to announce it was a roaring success. We floored 'em with jokes, we offended them with ourselves, and we scoffed at their ornate and beautiful campus. We also made quite a few friends (we think) with other magazines. So, props to us!

Welcome To The Institute

In Fall 2008 Voo Doo handed out to freshmen the following Welcome To The Institute document, to prepare their tender young placentas for the bloody uterus of MIT. A more updated version of the pamphlet is in the process of being uploaded. Until then,check out the old one!

Voo Doo enters the Jello iMac Contest

On March 26, 1999, Voo Doo entered the Jello iMac contest sponsored by Apple Computer and MCC, in which competitors across MIT built iMacs, to scale, out of gelatin in order to vie for the prize of a real iMac. Instead of following the directions, Voo Doo decided to enter the "Open Source jMac," to the surprise of the crowd. The entry consisted of a fake "Think Different" ad we threw together featuring Linus Torvalds drinking a beer, with a box of jello, a spoon, and a mini jello mold duct-taped to it. Here's a picture of the entry!

MIT Entropians

Over the summer of 1997, a (formerly ASA-recognized) MIT activity called the "Extropians" sent a controversial mailing to the class of 2001 which, among other things, questioned the ability of women and minorities to succeed at MIT. Not to be outdone in the humour department, at the Activities Midway Voo Doo distributed a pamphlet written by the MIT Entropians. Here it is in Adobe Acrobat format and PostScript format .