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MIT's Oldest Surviving Journal of All Things Relatively Funny

Want to submit something funny? Cartoons, comics, drawings, photographs, opinion columns, prose, stories, and jokes are accepted year round from current MIT undergraduates, graduates, professors, lecturers, alumni and other affiliates. Just send your submissions to voodoo [at] mit [dot] edu or sent them to: MIT Room 50-309 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139

Voo Doo Office Hours

Office hours will be held on Tuesdays 4-6pm, mostly in Walker Memorial Room 50-309 . What better way to procrastinate than by spreading humor and pox to your fellow humans? Sign up for our mailing list (voodoo [at] mit [dot] edu) to receive time and location updates.

Next Issue

The next issue should be out sometime in the next decade. We are still accepting submissions, so keep sending them in. We will stop accepting submissions for this particular issue on Friday, April 8, 2023. Make sure you get your submissions in!


The ASA now mandates that we provide a publicly visible constitution. Here it is, suckers.

Cardboard signs never lie.

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Send comments, suggestions, and flames to voodoo [at] mit.edu.

Any similarity to persons living or dead without satirical intent is coincidence.

Signed, Phos