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This page lists all of the stars or table groups in the Data Warehouse.

Follow the links in the Tables in Group column to see a list of all the tables used in the star/group, together with information on how to combine the tables in a query.

Follow the links in the Data Model Diagram column (if available) to see a pictorial representation of the star.

Star/Table Group


Tables in Group

Data Model Diagram

Academic Chairs

This area contains academic chair information which includes the chair holders of the academic chairs in different periods of time, and the various cost objects associated with each of the chair.

Academic Chairs tables

Academic Chairs data model

Alumni Addresses

MIT Alumni addresses information, including home and business addresses.

Alumni Addresses tables

Alumni Addresses data model

Alumni Degrees

MIT Alumni degrees, including degrees awarded by MIT and other institutions

Alumni Degrees tables

Alumni Degrees data model

Alumni Information - All

MIT Alumni information, including biographic, address, degree, and employment data, all in one table.

Alumni Information - All tables

Alumni Information - All data model

Alumni Occupation Data

MIT Alumni Occupation data.

Alumni Occupation Data tables

Alumni Occupation Data data model

Alumni SIC Data

MIT Alumni SIC (Standard Industrial Code) data.

Alumni SIC Data tables

Alumni SIC Data data model

Balance Sheet Balances

This contains summary financial information relating to MIT's assets, liabilities, and net assets (also called "net worth" or "fund balance". Data on MIT's revenues, expenses, and operations is available though Balances or Balances_by_fiscal_period.

Balance Sheet Balances tables


This is good for looking at summary financial information as of yesterday. Balances, budgets, and commitments are included. This is also good for year to year comparisons.

Balances tables

Balances by Fiscal Period

This gives summary point in time financial information. It includes Balances & Budgets. If asking for more than one Fiscal Period, you must be careful using the fields FYTD_AMOUNT & CUM_AMOUNT. This star can also be used to view financial information using an alternative Fiscal Year.

Balances by Fiscal Period tables

Benefits Adjustments

Data about Reasons for Employee Benefits Adjustments such as Employee Divorce,Dependent Birth or Adoption, Spouse Death, etc

Benefits Adjustments tables

Benefits Adjustments data model

Benefits Detail

Information about Employee Benefits such as Benefit Plans, Recipients, Benefits Adjustment Reasons etc.

Benefits Detail tables

Benefits Detail data model

Benefits Eligibility

Data about Employee Benefits Eligibility

Benefits Eligibility tables

Benefits Eligibility data model

Commitment History

This allows for the reporting of commitments as they were at a particular point in time. The history starts with July of 1998.

Commitment History tables

Credit Card

PROTOTYPE: Details about MIT Credit Card transactions.

Credit Card tables

Current Commitments

This shows current open commitments, and allows for distinguishing between LDS, Manual Reservations, Blanket Orders, Requisition Commitments, and PO Commitments.

Current Commitments tables


Student Degree Information

Degrees tables

EHS Contact people

Data About EHS Contact people by their room sets

EHS Contact people tables

EHS Room Set

EHS data containing information about room sets, rooms, hazards, functions and people in different roles

EHS Room Set tables

EHS Training

Data about EHS training certifications, triggers,trainees, units, PIs, DLCs, and training detail

EHS Training tables

Employee CIP Details

Information about MIT Employees' CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) records

Employee CIP Details tables

Employee Education

Information about Education Level, Subjects and Degrees

Employee Education tables

Employee Education data model

External Test Credit Results

This area contains the credit results (both generated and applied credits) associated with the external test scores (submitted by freshmen and transfer students) that are maintained by the Registrar's Office. Such tests and test scores include: AP (Advanced Placement), GCE (GCE A-Level Exams), International Baccalaureate Exams, Transfer Credit, Advanced Standing, and Freshman Essay Evaluation. Students whose undergraduate entrance term is in Summer 2003 (2003SU) or later are included in the tables.

External Test Credit Results tables

External Test Credit Results data model

External Test Scores

This area contains the external test score information for freshmen and transfer students. The test scores contain all tests and test scores maintained by the Registrar's Office for: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate Exams, GCE A-Level Exams, Transfer Credit, Advanced Standing, and Freshman Essay Evaluation. Students whose undergraduate entrance term is in Summer 2003 (2003SU) or later are included in the tables.

External Test Scores tables

External Test Scores data model

Financial Aid Awards

This area contains student financial aid award information. You may find in this area the complete financial aid packages of student financial aid applicants for the financial aid year. Data items included in this area are: the offer amount, offer date, status, and the type and category of each award in the aid package; promissory loan note information; award disbursement information; as well as the biographical and enrollment information of the students for the financial aid year.

Financial Aid Awards tables

Financial Aid Awards data model

Financial Aid Campus Work

This area contains detailed distribution transactions of all student payroll data. The information may be used (1) for Financial Aid College Work Study Program (CWSP) classification and assignment, (2) in payroll verification (ie. so and so did work here from this date to that date), (3) as a record for actual payment to graduate students, and (4) as statistical analysis of student work at MIT.

Financial Aid Campus Work tables

Financial Aid Campus Work data model

Financial Aid Grant Packages

This area contains information about MIT grant assignments (including the specific grant and the awarded amount) for students who are eligible to receive MIT grant. Also included in this area is the Student Financial Aid MIT grant management data.

Financial Aid Grant Packages tables

Financial Aid Grant Packages data model

Financial Aid Work Summary

Financial Aid Student Campus Work Earnings summary data. The total amount of earnings for each student who works on campus in the financial aid year.

Financial Aid Work Summary tables

Financial Aid Work Summary data model

Financial Detail

This area encompasses all the detailed financial transactions for the institute. Actual and committed dollar amounts can be reported and grouped by various categories such as GL Account, Cost Object, Fiscal Period etc. You will automatically be limited to viewing only those accounts you are authorized to see.

Financial Detail tables

Funds Reporting

This is specific to all funds reporting, by FY only

Funds Reporting tables

Grad Adm Application

Graduate admissions application data, including applicant biographic information, graduate admissions programs, admissions decisions from the departments, and replies from the applicants. Data are by entry terms.

Grad Adm Application tables

Grad Adm Application data model

Grad Adm Schools Attended

This area contains graduate admissions applciation data with focus on the schools previously attended (with degrees received) by the applicants.

Grad Adm Schools Attended tables

Grad Adm Schools Attended data model

Grad Adm Test Score

Graduate admissions test and test score data.

Grad Adm Test Score tables

Grad Adm Test Score data model

Grad Adm Test and Application

Graduate admissions applications with test score information.

Grad Adm Test and Application tables

Grad Adm Test and Application data model

Graduate Awards

This area contains graduate award/appointment (ie. RA, TA and Fellowship) information for graduate students. The dollar amounts for tuition and stipends awarded to the students in each academic term are shown along with account and department information. Student enrollment information is also included.

Graduate Awards tables

Graduate Awards data model

HR Absences

Data with to-date absences by absence type (vacation, sick leave, jury duty, bereavement, etc.). Balances are included for those absence types with balance quotas.

HR Absences tables

HR Absences data model

HR Appointment Transactions

HR Data - containing information about employee's appointment transactions

HR Appointment Transactions tables

HR Appointment Transactions data model

HR Appointments

HR Data - containing information about employee's appointments

HR Appointments tables

HR Appointments data model

HR Positions

Data about filled, open, and closed positions at the Institute.

HR Positions tables

HR Positions data model

HR Vacation Balances

Data with to-date balances and details (number of hours/days deducted, dates, etc.) for Vacation and Fifth-week Vacation.

HR Vacation Balances tables

HR Vacation Balances data model

IAP Non-Credit Activities

IAP non-credit activities for the current/upcoming IAP period. Data items include the activity title, description, enrollment & attendance, prerequisites, fee, and pre registration deadline. There is one record per activity as it is offered during IAP.

IAP Non-Credit Activities tables

IAP Non-Credit Activities data model

IR Awards and Honors

Information of Awards and Honors bestowed to current and former MIT faculty and staff members, and alumni; maintained by the Office of Institutional Research.

IR Awards and Honors tables

IR Awards and Honors data model

Library Fund

This contains Library financial data

Library Fund tables

Library Fund data model

Library Item Detail

This area contains data from the MIT Libraries Aleph database

Library Item Detail tables

Library Item Detail data model

Moira Lists

Information about visible Moira Lists, including list names, list owners, list members, and last update date.

Moira Lists tables

Moira Lists data model

OSP Award Costshare

Information about OSP Award Cost Sharing

OSP Award Costshare tables

OSP Award Costshare data model

OSP Award Indirect Cost

Information about OSP Award Indirect Costs

OSP Award Indirect Cost tables

OSP Award Indirect Cost data model

OSP Award Special Review

Information about Osp Award Special Review

OSP Award Special Review tables

OSP Award Special Review data model

OSP Award Terms and Conditions

Information about OSP Award Terms and Conditions

OSP Award Terms and Conditions tables

OSP Award Terms and Conditions data model

OSP Proposal Cost Sharing

Information about OSP Proposal Cost Sharing

OSP Proposal Cost Sharing tables

OSP Proposal Cost Sharing data model

OSP Proposal IDC Rate

Information about OSP Proposal Inderect Cost Rate

OSP Proposal IDC Rate tables

OSP Proposal IDC Rate data model

OSP Proposal Investigator

Information about OSP Proposal Investigator

OSP Proposal Investigator tables

OSP Proposal Investigator data model

OSP Proposals

Information about OSP Proposals

OSP Proposals tables

OSP Proposals data model

OSP Proposals to Award MAP

Information about connection between Proposals and Awards

OSP Proposals to Award MAP tables

OSP Proposals to Award MAP data model

Overhead Rates

PROTOTYPE: Overhead, EB and Lab Allocation rates, as they would have been calculated using the Sap costing sheets.

Overhead Rates tables

Payroll Deductions

This area contains information about payroll deductions. This information enables each central area making payroll deductions, such as Credit Union, Parking, to report on the deductions by person made by that area.

Payroll Deductions tables

Payroll Deductions data model

Payroll Distributions

This area contains FYTD payroll (e-DACCA) distribution information that shows the percent distribution of salaries to Cost Object.

Payroll Distributions tables

Payroll Distributions data model

Payroll e-DACCA Certifications

This area contains the Quarterly Dacca Certification information. Data include cost collectors by supervisor and cost object, with name of certifier and date certified. The date certified field is blank if the cost object has not yet been certified.

Payroll e-DACCA Certifications tables

Payroll e-DACCA Certifications data model

Pension Action Detail

Information about Pension Actions (Pension Termination, Initial Pension Set up, etc.) and Pension People

Pension Action Detail tables

Pension Action Detail data model

Pension Benefits Detail

Information about Pension Benefits, Pension People, Recipients, Benefits Plans and Adjustment Reasons

Pension Benefits Detail tables

Pension Benefits Detail data model

Pension Benefits Eligibility

Pension Benefits Eligibilty data

Pension Benefits Eligibility tables

Pension Benefits Eligibility data model


This contains information about employees and appointments in the CYBORG system.

Personnel tables

Pre Registration

This area contains pre-registration information of students for the upcoming academic term.

Pre Registration tables

Pre Registration data model

Purchasing Detail

This area provides a detailed view of purchase order data down to the account distribution level. In addition, summarized invoiced dollar amounts are included. Information can be limited and grouped by such categories as GL Account, Cost Object, Fiscal Period, Purchase Order Type. You will automatically be limited to viewing only those accounts you are authorized to see.

Purchasing Detail tables

RT Custom Field

Information about Request Tracker ticket's custom fields.

RT Custom Field tables

RT Custom Field data model

RT Ticket

Information about Request Tracker tickets, their status, queue assigned to, user's questions and problems notes, and IS&T staff members solution.

RT Ticket tables

RT Ticket data model

RT Transaction

Information about Transactions associated with a Request Tracker ticket. Some of the data included are Transaction Subject and Description, Start Date, Due Date, Resolved Date, Transfer to another Queue Date, and Days on Hold.

RT Transaction tables

RT Transaction data model


This area contains information about MIT Buildings and Rooms.

Space tables

Student Minors

This area contains the proposed and completed minors of the students.

Student Minors tables

Student Minors data model

Subject Enrollment

This area contains student subject enrollment/registration information.

Subject Enrollment tables

Subject Enrollment data model

Subject Enrollment with Grades

Subject enrollment/registration records ("Class Lists") with grades

Subject Enrollment with Grades tables

Subject Enrollment with Grades data model

Subject Grades

This area contains student grade data, by academic terms and subjects

Subject Grades tables

Summary Statement Detail

This shows monthly statement information for a point in time. It includes Authorized Totals, Balances, Budgets and Commitments.

Summary Statement Detail tables

Telephone Detail

This area contains information about all telephone charges.

Telephone Detail tables

UROP Project

Information about UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) projects.

UROP Project tables

UROP Project data model

Who's Teaching What

This area contains department-wide teaching data as entered in the current version of the Who?s Teaching What application beginning in Spring 2008. Teaching data are organized by academic terms, subjects, and sections, with instructors in the following roles: Lecturer, Recitation Instructor, Lab Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Writing Instructor, etc.

Who's Teaching What tables

Who's Teaching What data model

Who's Teaching What - Old WTW

This area contains department-wide teaching data as entered in the old version of the Who?s Teaching What application used in conjunction with paper-based subject evaluations from Fall 1999 through Spring 2010.

Who's Teaching What - Old WTW tables

Who's Teaching What - Old WTW data model