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Are you an alum that would like to keep up on our most recent happenings? Make sure you are on the w-ult-alum email list! If you're not, please email the leadership at womens-ultimate [at] mit.edu. You can also follow us on Facebook and on Twitter!

See what your alumnae friends are up to! If you know what anyone else is up to or have any updates to your info, let us know.

Lastly, a shameless plug: if you'd like to make a donation to smite, please use fund ID number 2720295 from the giving.mit.edu site.

Name   Club affiliations Currently at...
Shalini Agarwal   McKinsey
Kari Andersson   CIGNA, Hartford, CT
Ann Bardos Architecture, Cambridge UK (?)
Jenny Barry '07-'08 Hatch '09,'10
Mixed Nuts (MA) '11
Computer Science, MIT
Heather Beem '08-'09 Mixed Nuts (MA) '10,'11 MIT (PhD. program in ME)
Cathy Chu '02-'06 Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois
Melissa Chu    
Julia Cline   Rambus Inc, Mountain View, CA
Allison Cohen   Bloo Bike, Cambridge, MA
Megan Cooney    
Cordy Crockett   NYC
Chrissy Dobson '00-'04 Boston, MA
Kathy Dobson '00-'04 Brute Squad Boston, MA
Jen Dobson Electrical Engineering, Boston University
Susan Dacy Electrical Engineering, MIT
Meryl del Rosario   Bellcomb Technologies, Minneapolis, MN
Lori Eich '01-'05 Slow White '05
Mischief '06-'07
Nemesis '08-present
Arcadis, Chicago, IL
Darlene Ferranti  
Jenny Fujii   Boston Consulting Group
Yelena Gorlin '02-'06 Nemesis, Slackjaw,
Zeitgeist, Fury
Graduate student (Chem E.), Stanford
Lindee Goh Biology, MIT
Mina Hsiang Electrical Engineering, MIT
Pei-Lin Hsiung Electrical Engineering, MIT
Lily Huang '02-'06 England
Christy Keenan Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley
Robin Kelley Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Olivera Kesler Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Hannah Landecker Rice University, TX
April Lehman Google, Mountain View, CA
Minwah Leung New Zealand
Doris Lin '03-'08 Hatch, Mixed Nuts (MA) Mountain View, CA
Heather Lukacs Stanford
Sarah Marsh Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Eden Miller Science, Technology, and Society, MIT
Karen (Shu) Ng '06-'10 Hatch Roll Clobal, Berkeley, CA
Kathleen Rubritz   Argon ST, VA
James Sarvis   D. E. Shaw, NYC
Stacy Sarvis   Merrill Lynch, NJ
Dana Scott    
Catherine Seaborn    
Laura Shimmin   Clorox, Oakland, CA
Nancy Sun '00-'05 Brute Squad '02-'07
Fury '08-present
Mission Motors (EV startup), San Francisco
Erika Swanson    
Rebecca Thomas Grad Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Claudia Vasquez '10-'11 Hatch, Mixed Nuts (MA) Biology, MIT
Alicia Volpicelli   Pinpoint Corporation, MA
Daphne Wang '05-'08 Hatch '09-'10
Mixed Nuts (MA) '11
New York Medical College, NY
Tessa Warren Psychology, University of Pittsburgh
Sophie Wong    
Michelle Wu '01-'02 Providence, RI
Shuang You '01-'05 Brute Squad, Mixed Nuts (MA) San Francisco, MA
Jessica Young   Mathematics, MIT