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1998 UPA College Championships

1998 UPA College Championships

Blaine, MN was our initiation into the world of college Nationals. At the time, our most impressive victory seemed to be coming from behind and beating Yale in our first game (Yale is an excellent team, the consistent power-house of our region). In retrospect, however, our biggest success was the disc we played all weekend: I sincerely believe we came together as a team and played the best ultimate D@MIT has ever seen.

Nationals Record (2-3)

vs. Yale 14-11
vs. Indiana 11-15
vs. Rice 13-4
vs. UNC-Wilmington 5-11
vs. Stanford 4-13

We thank the Dean for Student Life, the Provost's office, the athletic department and many ultimate alumni for their donations to help fund our trip to nationals.