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1997 New England Regionals Results

Saturday, May 3, 1997

Thirteen teams out of sixteen showed up, so pool play with top 8 teams advancing to double-elimination tournament for Sunday.

Pool A          Pool B        Pool C
1.Cornell       2.Yale        3.Columbia
6.Dartmouth     5.MIT         4.Brown
7.Middlebury    8.Wesleyan*   9.Smith
12.Tufts        11.Amherst    10.Wellesley
13.Williams     14.Rochester  15.BINGO*
*no show                      16.Harvard/BC*

Pool A
1.Cornell 2.Middlebury 3.Dartmouth 4.Tufts 5.Williams

Pool B
MIT 13, Rochester 1
Yale 13, MIT 7
MIT 13, Amherst 4

1.Yale 2.MIT 3.Amherst 4.Rochester

Pool C
1.Columbia 2.Brown 3.Smith 4.Wellesley

Sunday, May 4, 1997

Eight team double elimination
NOTE:Wellesley didn't show up.

Winner's Bracket

1. Cornell------\___Cornell--7-\
8. Wellesley----/               >---MIT---5-\
4. Brown------7-\___MIT-----10-/            |
5. MIT--------8-/                           |___Yale
2. Yale------11-\___Yale-----9-\            |
7. Dartmouth--4-/               >---Yale-13-/
3. Columbia--11-\___Columbia-6-/
6. Middlebury-3-/

Loser's Bracket

Brown-------/                >---Brown---8-\
                Columbia--7-/              |___Brown-9-\
Dartmouth---\___Dartmouth---\              |            >---Brown
Middlebury--/                >---Cornell-5-/   MIT---5-/

Final Rankings -- top two teams to nationals
1. Yale
2. Brown
3. MIT
4. Cornell
5/6. Columbia/Dartmouth
7. Middlebury
8. Wellesley