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(Not So) Recent Happenings
5 Nov 2011
Round Robin at MIT

sMITe's last "tournament" of the fall was a round robin we hosted at MIT between Northeastern, Olin, Dartmouth and ourselves. Thank you girls for coming.

Finally the weather cooperated and it was a gorgeous (although a little chilly) morning. sMITe broke into two teams, the O line team and the D line team. Both went 2-1, way to go girls.
29 Oct 2011
Get Skyyed

This one day tournament was scheduled for the first snow storm of the year. The morning was very cold, but dry. We had a little trouble waking up and moving about in the cold, losing our first game to Stonehill.

As the weather got worse, we got better. The second game was still dry, but the sky continued to get darker. After besting Smith, we began to play against Holy Cross. Just toward the end of the game, the rain began.

A little high on our victory over Holy Cross, we voted to stay and play our forth game. It was pouring rain the whole game. Thankfully we wrapped it up pretty quickly and everyone dashed off to the cars.
15-16 Oct 2011
sMITe's second tournament of the season was a blast, despite the disgruntlement of the weather on Saturday. First of all, I know exactly what a frisbee team looks like, because I was SHOWN what a frisbee team looks like. By the way, we have a bunch of new cheers and they're awesome.


First game! Against Smith. They played a lot of zone D and we broke it like champs. Lots of sweet handler movement and lots of poppers in exactly the right place so that the cup could be broken. Lots of wind but we beat the wind just like we beat Smith. Also we took half for the fifth game in a row.

Second game! Against Dartmouth. Played lots of solid man D and tried hard to cut from the ho stack despite the ridiculous amounts of mud that were the fields. I'm fairly certain that there was not a square inch of me below the waist that was not covered in mud. And most of the rest of me too. Took half again and won.

Third game! Against UMass. We went down 3-0 to start and our heads were a bit down but we picked it back up again and brought it to 3-2 - I am super proud of everyone for this. Our cup was full of rockstars (mudstars?) and several times we trapped them on the sidelines and they had to punt it because they couldn't do anything. We were back on the stupidly muddy field of our first game and around the time we were tied at 6s, the wind went from disturbing speeds to truly unearthly speeds. They scored one more and then it got so that nobody could complete even one pass because the disc would go sailing away no matter what we tried. And then it started hailing. Sooooo we called the game. So technically we lost that one BUT since soft cap was on, we didn't have a halftime so still nobody had taken half on us.

That night we explored Northampton and ate burgers and ice cream and then went back to the hotels and crashed at like 8. Except for the cool kids who stayed up talking like you do at sleepovers all night. And by all night I mean until 10pm. Then we woke up the next morning in time for TOURNEY SUNDAY WOOOOO but then everyone got lost going to the (new and less muddy but still gross) fields so we started our first day late but we eventually got there!

Fourth game! Against UMass alums. They also were having trouble getting together Sunday morning so as we collected our teammates from assorted corners of Amherst, they stumbled in and we eventually started late. Shuangy played a few points! We played a fun junky defense that was like clam on a ho stack and it confused them a lot. But we got beat deep for assorted points and they came away with the win.

Fifth game! We played BU and they had a lot of rookies and so everyone played man D for the first half. We forced them away and frustrated their offense with a bunch of run-through Ds - yey for baiting. At the end of the game, one of their captains told me that we had really good spirit, which was awesome!

Sixth game! Dartmouth again. On the slightly drier field, everyone's offense was a bit cleaner on Sunday. I like this team and think they have a lot of fun people, including some super rookies - we're going to have to watch out for these guys this year!
1 Oct 2011
sMITe's fall season is just beginning. This weekend was the first tournament of the season. The returners are getting back into the swing of things, and we have some very promising new talent on the team. sMITe went 4-0 at the Wellesley WUT tournament this past weekend, and even more impressive, we took every half meeting our goal of coming out strong.
Scores for the Wellesley tournament:
MIT over Northeastern2 9-6
MIT over Clark 11-6
MIT over Wellesley PLG 10-3
MIT over Tufts 11-7
3 july 2011
sMITe's 2011 campaign ended on May 7th at Regionals, hosted by Dartmouth College. A team can only hope that the last tournament of the season be there best, and for sMITe, their wish was granted. Every team member stepped it up big time to come out with some amazing points. Unfortunately, MIT lost a closely contested crossover game against BC, sending them home after Day 1. [Regionals Score Reporter page]
Prior to that, MIT hosted the Metro Boston Conference Tournament (formerly sectionals, following a USAU restructuring). Due to the fact that all teams from the conference advanced to Regionals, the format was a one-day round robin. This lack of urgency, combined with predictably miserable Boston Spring weather, resulted in a somewhat low-energy performance. Even so, there were many beautiful moments of the day and sMITe showed that they can compete. [Conference Score Reporter page]
Also, after a seven-year hiatus, sMITe has written (or at least saved, for posterity) another cheer!
2 apr 2011
The spring season is well underway with 3 tournaments already wrapped up for sMITe. The rookies are finding their field sense and intuition, returners are working on new skills, and things are looking good. Check out results from:
- The spring break trip to Southern's in Statesboro, GA
- Local tournaments Yale Cup and Stonehill's Get Skyyed
16 nov 2010
Rules skits from the fall are finally up! If you're ever unsure about any of the rules, try one of these songs or rhymes out :)
07 nov 2010
A horde of rough and tough Pokemon, guided by their trainer Ash, traveled to Portsmouth, RI to participate in Brown University's Huck a Hunk of Burning Pumpkin. Rough winds made for long points but sMITe played some excellent ultimate, going home with one win and two losses in pool play and two losses in bracket play on day 2. The final outcome did not reflect the great play and many hard fought points, however, and this was a great cap to the fall season.

24 oct 2010
In their first two-day tournament of the fall, sMITe goes 4-0 in pool play before losing in the semis of the Pat Bell Memorial Tournament, hosted by UMass Amherst. http://scores.usaultimate.org/scores/#college-womens/tournament/8026
16 oct 2010
sMITe takes a hard-earned second place at Get Skyyed, a single-day tournament at Stonehill College in Easton, MA. See the full results on score reporter: http://scores.usaultimate.org/scores/#college-womens/tournament/8132
12 oct 2010
sMITe will travel to Stonehill this Saturday for Get Skyyed, followed by the Pat Bell Memorial Tournament at Amherest, Oct. 23-24. Wish them luck!
25 sep 2010
Congratulations to the 2010-2011 sMITers for winning their first fall tournament! MIT defeated Brandeis, Wellesley and Tufts in pool play, going on to top Northeastern in the crossover game.
30 aug 2010
Welcome, freshman! (and welcome back, returners.) To kick off the fall season, we'll be holding some of our annual beginning-of-term activities, including...

25 aug 2008
It's a new year! In addition to having booths at the Athletics Gateway and the Activities Midway, sMITe will be holding pick-up games on the MIT fields. We'll also have our annual Reg Day Game with the men's ultimate team (details TBA).
6 may 2008
sMITe made it to Nationals!!!
Saturday at Regionals, we won a close game against Dartmouth (the number 1 seed) to make it to the finals. Unfortunately, we lost that game to Northeastern and found ourselves in a rematch against Dartmouth...which we won to take 2nd place. Karen has a lot more details in her blog regarding the games on Saturday and Sunday and Rosa wrote an article about us for the Tech.
11 april 2008
It's CPW! Look for us at the Athletics Fair on Friday, April 11th, from 2 - 4pm in Rockwell Cage (w33) and at the Activities Fair on Saturday, April 12th, from 1 - 3pm in Johnson Athletics Center (w34).
30 march 2008
During the second weekend of spring break, sMITe went to Easterns at UNC-Wilmington. Our first tournament of the spring season! We finally got to play outdoors after months of fluorescent lights in Johnson. There were a few close games, but now we know what we need to work on and we'll be ready for Yale Cup next weekend.