World Web Math: Vector Calculus Independent Study Path

Vector Calculus Independent Study Path

This is a path to studying Vector Calculus in a self-paced fashion. It incorporates many of the materials from the 18.02 -Independent Study sequence through the Experimental Study Group at MIT.

The independent study procedure is fairly simple: read the material for a unit, do as many of the recommended problems as you need to feel comfortable with the material, take a sample test, then go get an instructor type person to give you a real unit test [*]. Repeat for the next unit until out of units. At the end, you may be required to take a final, so we've provided a sample one.

There are several ways that you can do the reading for a unit. One option is to just read the indicated World Web Math entries. Another is to do the readings from one of the mentioned textbooks (currently, Simmons first edition, Rogers 1993 edition, and Marsden and Tromba third and fourth editions are supported). Probably the best way is to do both. A sequence of units based on the Second edition of Simmons' text is that mentioned above, 18.02 at ESG - Independent Study

Each unit has an accompanying set of extended instructions; these materials are available in either Xdvi or Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

[*] These tests are available to authorized instructors; send us email for more details.

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Last modified July 27, 1998