Electrical Rule Check.


See also DRC, Consistency Check

This command is used to test schematics for electrical errors. The summary is written into a text file with the extension .erc.

The following warning messages may be generated:

The following error messages may be generated: Additional messages may be produced by the automatic Consistency Check.

Consistency Check

The ERC command also performs a Consistency Check between a schematic and its corresponding board, provided the board file has been loaded before starting the ERC. As a result of this check the automatic Forward&Back Annotation will be turned on or off, depending on whether the files have been found to be consistent or not.

Please note that the ERC detects inconsistencies between the implicit power and supply pins in the schematic and the actual signal connections in the board. Such inconsistencies can occur if the supply pin configuration is modified after the board has been created with the BOARD command. Since the power pins are only connected "implicitly", these changes can't always be forward annotated
. If such errors are detected, Forward&Back Annotation will still be performed, but the supply pin configuration should be checked!

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