Defines a package variant for a device.

PACKAGE pname vname
PACKAGE pname@lname vname
PACKAGE -old_name new_name


This command is used in the device edit mode to define, delete or rename a package variant.

Without parameters a dialog is opened that allows you to select a package and define this variant's name.

The parameters pname vname assign the package pname to the new variant vname.

The notation pname@lname vname fetches the package pname from library lname and creates a new package variant. This can also be done through the library objects' context menu or via Drag&Drop from the Control Panel's tree view.

The single parameter name switches to the given existing package variant. If no package variants have been defined yet, and a package of the given name exists, a new package variant named '' (an "empty" name) with the given package will be created (this is for compatibility with version 3.5).

If -old_name new_name is given, the package variant old_name is renamed to new_name.

The single parameter -name deletes the given package variant.

The name of a package variant will be appended to the device set name to form the full device name. If the device set name contains the character '?', that character will be replaced by the package variant name. Note that the package variant is processed after the technology, so if the device set name contains neither a '*' nor a '?' character, the resulting device name will consist of device_set_name+technology+package_variant.

Following the PACKAGE command, the CONNECT command is used to define the correspondence of pins in the schematic device to pads on the package.

When the BOARD command is used in schematic editing mode to create a new board, each device is represented on a board layout with the appropriate package as already defined with the PACKAGE command.

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