Ben Lengerich


My research code is available on Github. These include tools for:

  • ML:
    • Interpretable ML, centered on the InterpretML package.
      • TalkToEBM builds a bridge between interpretable ML and LLMs.
      • EBM_Utils provides utilities functions for Explainable Boosting Machines (from Interpret), including GAM purification.
    • ContextualizedML unifies all sorts of context-specific analysis including context-specific regression, context-specific correlation and context-specific networks for analysis of heterogeneous populations.
    • Functional Retrofitting is a scalable method to combine distributional and relational data.
  • Precision Medicine:
    • clEHRity is a framework for automated deconfounding on EHRs.
  • Computational Genomics:
    • scContextualized provides utilities for contextualized analysis of biological data, scaling to the requirements of large single-cell datasets.
    • drPCA is a framework for estimating principal components which differentiate sets of case/control samples.
    • GO_Translator is a set of simple utility functions for the Gene Ontology terms.
    • SnareSeq contains preprocessed versions of the multi-omic dataset.
  • Academic Misc: