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The Net Advance of Physics: The Nature of Dark Matter, by Kim Griest -- Section 7A.

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Baryonic Dark Matter (Machos)

Probably the most exciting development in the dark matter story is

the detection of Machos by three separate groups [32, 33, 34]. All

three groups monitored millions of stars [35], either in the LMC or

in the galactic bulge, for signs of gravitational microlensing, and all

three groups have found it. It has now become clear that these

objects constitute some new component of the Milky Way, but they

do not constitute the bulk of the dark matter. Thus, the Macho

search results give strong impetus to the search for particle dark

matter. However, the more than 60 detected microlensing events

are far in excess of predictions of standard Galactic models and

imply that the Galaxy is probably quite different than was thought