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Many of the great thinkers of the past, the so called "Renaissance Men", excelled in both Engineering/Science and Exposition/Rhetoric/Oration. MIT engineers and scientists of today, the creative men and women who will be the leaders of tomorrow, can be excellent speakers as well. "MIT Can Talk" was organized to promote campus-wide awareness of good oral communication skills. It consists of: (1) a series of independent workshop sessions on public speaking/oral communication, followed by (2) a speaking competition. The workshops are open to the MIT community, but the competition is open only to current MIT students.

The ability to communicate applies to every discipline. As a result, many of the Schools are involved either in the workshop offerings and/or the competition judging.


MIT Can Talk is sponsored by the Office of the MIT Chancellor, Tau Beta Pi, MIT ACM/IEEE and the De Florez Fund for Humor.


Thanks to the many individuals who have given their input and support, including:

This year's event is organized by Gabriella A del Hierro, Kun Xue and Tony Eng.

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