MIT Can Talk : Workshops


A series of independent workshop sessions on public speaking/oral communication will be offered at the end of IAP. They are meant to be practical and hands-on, and are open to all members of the MIT community and beyond. Come to as many or as few as you like!

Please indicate which workshops are of interest -- you can still show up otherwise, but this will help ensure that there are enough materials, and if the workshop is moved, we have a way to inform you ahead of time! If for some reason, we have to limit attendance (e.g. room is too small), we will give preference to individuals who have filled this form out.

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Workshop Schedule

Note: subject to change and updated as details become available.

On Friday, Jan 22nd

On Saturday, Jan 23rd

On Sunday, Jan 24th

On Monday, Jan 25th

Wielding Humor : Comedic Delivery by George Gallagher
2-4pm, TBD (Speaker will be on Skype in LA)
Sponsored by the De Florez Fund for Humor
Learn techniques for delivering comedic lines such as explosions, reversals and staircases. Come and "find your funny." Squares encouraged to attend!

Wielding Humor : Comedic Writing by David O'Donnell
4-6pm, TBD (Speaker will be on Skype in LA)
Sponsored by the De Florez Fund for Humor
Learn techniques used by Hollywood comedy writers to mine your own personal reservoir of comedy. You'll discover how to create a comedic throughline to build your content on, or merely ways to inject a dose of humor into your writing. You will learn various exercises including 'The Cluster', 'The 7 Deadly Sins' and other ways to access your funny bone.

On Tuesday, Jan 26th

On Wednesday, Jan 27th

To Be Scheduled

Your Presence in Space by Anna Kohler
An effective confident speaker is more than just physically "there" -- they are present, they are in the moment, they take up space. Learn how to find and fill both the space within you and the space immediately around you, so that you can be yourself in front of an audience.
Wear loose clothing conducive for physical movement.

Don't Just Stand There by Tony Eng
Dynamic speakers are vocally energetic, but they should be physically energetic as well. Learn some ideas for how to more effectively utilize your room during a speaking engagement.

Workshop Leader Bios

George Gallagher is an award winning actor, producer and writer who has performed in over 50 theatrical and film productions including,  "The Sunshine Boys" for comedy legend Neil Simon, "It Must Be Him", for Kenny Solms, (Emmy Winning writer of The Carol Burnett Show and The Golden Girls) in addition to Angeles in America for the late theatrical and film director, Mike Nichols (The Graduate, Barefoot in The Park- Nichos & May Comedy Duo).

David O'Donnell wrote and produced the award winning dark comedy Love & Dating: in LA!, which screened at 10 festivals internationally including Cleveland International Film Festival, Hollyshorts, and Santa Monica International Film Fest where it won the Audience Choice Award. He has several projects currently in development, including feature script Sons of Salt - in development with producer Adam Schroeder (Zoolander, The Truman Show, Chronicle).

Last Modified: Aug 15, 2015