1.041/1.200/11.544 Fall 21      

Transportation: Foundations And Methods


Lecture scribing instruction (extra credit):

Lecture Date Subject Optional Readings Deadlines
Unit 1: Traffic flow fundamentals | Deterministic modeling
1W 9/8Introduction, context, and administrivia [slides]
2F 9/10Graphical analysis I - time-space diagrams [slides]
R1M 9/13Recitation 1 [recitation 1]
T 9/14HW1 out
3W 9/15Graphical analysis II - cumulative diagrams [slides]
4F 9/17Vehicle dynamics, kinematics, and behavior (microscopic perspective) [slides]
R2M 9/20Recitation 2 [recitation 2]
T 9/21HW2 out
5W 9/22Traffic flow theory (macroscopic perspective) [slides]
Unit 2: Capturing uncertainty in transportation | Queueing theory
6F 9/24Uncertainty in transportation - probabilistic concepts [slides]
R3M 9/27Recitation 3 [recitation 3]
T 9/28CP1 out
7W 9/29Stochastic delays - queuing theory fundamentals [slides]
8F 10/1Stochastic throughput - queuing models [slides]
R4M 10/4Recitation 4 [recitation 4]
M 9/4HW3 out
9W 10/6Facility dynamics - Markov chains [slides]
10F 10/8Network queues and delays - queuing network models
W 10/13CP2 out
11W 10/13Stochastic simulation + Quiz review [slides]
12F 10/15Quiz 1
Unit 3: Control & decision making in transportation | Deep reinforcement learning
13W 10/20Sequential decision problems (deterministic) - dynamic programming [slides]
14F 10/22Stochastic sequential problems - Markov decision processes [slides]
F 10/22HW4 out
R5M 10/25Recitation 5 [recitation 5]
15W 10/27Advanced dynamic programming - infinite horizon MDPs [slides]
16F 10/29Unknown transitions and rewards - reinforcement learning [slides]
R6M 11/01Recitation 6 [recitation 6]
17W 11/3Handling very large state spaces - deep learning [slides]
W 11/3CP3 out
18F 11/5Deep reinforcement learning and autonomy in traffic [slides]
R7M 11/8Recitation 7 [recitation 7]
Unit 4: Efficiently allocating resources | Mathematical programming
19W 11/10Linear programs I - modeling mathematical programs [slides]
20F 11/12Linear programs II - graphical analysis [slides]
R8M 11/15Recitation 8 [recitation 8]
T 11/16HW5 out
21W 11/17Linear program solvers - simplex method [slides]
22F 11/19Integer programs - branch-and-bound + Quiz review [slides]
R9M 11/22Recitation 9 [recitation 9]
T 11/23CP4 out
23W 12/1Quiz 2
24F 12/3In-class student presentations
25W 12/8In-class student presentations
Assignment Covers (general) Release Date Due Date
HW1Unit 1T 9/14 M 9/20
HW2Unit 1M 9/20 M 9/27
CP1Unit 1M 9/27 M 10/4
HW3Unit 2M 10/4 T 10/12
CP2Unit 2T 10/12 W 10/20
HW4Unit 3W 10/20 M 11/1
Project ProposalM 11/8
CP3Unit 3T 11/2 M 11/15
HW5Unit 4M 11/15 T 11/23
CP4Unit 4T 11/23 W 12/8
Project PresentationsF 12/3
Project PresentationsW 12/8