International Implementation



The BioD Research Forum will be an international online database of ongoing research aimed to decrease human effect on biodiversity and reduce the rate of biodiversity loss. The BioD forum construction and maintenance will be sponsored by the International Committee on Biodiversity (ICB) and will invite country representatives and specialists all over the world to solve the problems facing biodiversity in an efficient and economically profitable way. Companies, universities and freelance engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists will be able to apply for ICB grants by submitting their proposals to ICCV, collaborate on making projects come to life with sponsorship from forum members and the ICB. The projects posted on this forum may either be brand new ideas that require funding and manpower to get off the ground or ideas that are already developed and need further adjustment and development.

Benefits of Joining this System

Ability to apply for ICB grants and ask for ICB sponsorship

Ability to network with greatest minds of the world, get expert opinions

Ability to obtain extra funding through invited venture capital companies, private businesses interested in projects, and other grants that will be posted through the forum

Ability to receive annual International Committee Sponsored Awards, promoting the company image

Access to International Committee Sponsored Advertisement

Access to a database of ongoing new research, being a part of the future before it happens

Ability to join brand new research projects and profit from their development (if applicable)

Ability to either buy or trade shares of projects to split the risk in their development (if applicable)

Power to influence future movements in technological development

Greater positive attention from press and news channels, promotion by International Committee hired publicists

Positive influence of biodiversity will result in greater abundance of natural resources available to companies (background)

Access to trained work-force and ability to recruit/involve registered students with a skill and interest in the fields of company research