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About Terrascope:

Solving Complex Problems (12.000) is a unique learning opportunity for MIT freshmen. Focused around a single "unsolvable" problem, students must delve deep into a global issue to compose a comprehensive solution that is beneficial and acceptable worldwide. Students must work together and guide themselves through this unique interdisciplinary endeavor, and emerge with a greater understanding of teamwork, leadership, and skills necessary to solving complex problems.

From access to clean water, to alleviating world hunger, to battling the increase of greenhouse gasses, Missions look deep into the true issues facing our world today. This year, it is referred to as "Mission 2016 - The Future of Strategic Natural Resources."


"Your Mission is to devise plans to ensure that all nations, including those that aspire to be developed, have access to these ever decreasing resources by implementing recycling technologies, searching for non-traditional sources, and developing an environmentally sensitive global management plan."


Aisha Wang
Amanda Parry
Anna Walsh
Arica Wyche
Augustine Zvinavashe
Beckett Colson
Bennett Cyphers
Camila Ramirez-Arau
Catherine Yunis
Cimran Virdi
Corinn Herrick
Darcy Thompson
Dion Low
Dirk Stahlecker
Elena De La Paz
Emily Shorin
Eric Bartell
Erwin Hilton
Farah Attia
Flora Tan
Francesca Schembri
Harlin Lee
Heather Sweeney
Holly Josephs
Jacqueline Nava
Jamar Brooks
Jordan A. Smith
Julia Longmate
June Park
Jyotishka Biswas
Katherine Adler
Kathrine Bretl
Kathryn Buggs
Kaylee Brent
Kyle Yuan
Laura Standley
Lena Yang
Lydia Anzures
Margaret Lattanzi-Silveus
Marie Elimbi Moudio
Martin Lopez
Nisha Dalvie
Patience Stevens
Rachel Davis
Rebecca Corcillo
Robert Radway
Ruben Amaez
Samantha Bray
Samantha Harper
Victoria Stivanello

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Professor Benjamin Weiss
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Alumni Mentors:

Lowell Anderson
Sheldon W. Buck
Yangbo Du
Stephen Estes-Smargiassi
Bob Gurnitz
Hal Gustin
Elise Hens
Paul D. Jacobson
Bhupandra Khetani
Alfredo Kniazzeh
Yolanda Lau
Marco A. Mena
Emily Moberg
Dr. Jorge Phillips
Peter Ralston
Johnny Yang
Bashar M. Zeitoon

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows:

Brianna Coston
Jessica Fujimori
Anisha Gururaj
Kit Haines
Samantha Hartzell
Rebecca Kekelishvili
Julia Kimmerly
Jaya Narain
Nikki Neibloom
Alison Schneider
Linda Seymour
Ana Vazquez
Jaclyn Wilson
Lealia Xiong