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8th SMAAC Committee

Message from SMAAC President

Almost half a year has passed since I stepped up as the President of SMA Alumni Club. Thanks to the previous committee members who have set an exemplary model to us and made a smooth transition in handing over the duties. The 8th Management Committee will strive to achieve our club goals by organizing various activities to foster a strong bond among SMA alumni. Our main objective for this term is to build upon the solid foundation laid by the previous committees, to further expand SMAAC network, and to better serve SMAAC community.

This term we have successfully organized two events that brought SMAAC members together. The SMA Bowling Tournament attracted more than 60 alumni to compete for the Championship title, and our alumni enjoyed a sumptuous BBQ feast to celebrate the triumph of the winners. As commented as “very informative and interactive” by the attendants, the SMAAC Career Dialogue 2008 provided a networking and communication platform for our members to “navigate through the corporate jungle” by sharing their successful stories and advices. In the coming months, we will look forward to more exciting and enjoyable activities, spanning from a wide spectrum of social events, education seminars and sports programs, to facilitate networking and to build a strong tie among our fellow alumni. We will also have our very own SMAAC Annual Dinner and Dance as the highlight of the year.

Moreover, we are taking an active role in the club's growth and development, with a focus on serving our current members and at the same time attracting more SMAAC alumni to join our family. We are exploring better ways of reaching out to more alumni, by leveraging on our club resources and expertise, such as SMAAC webpage (http://www.singaporemitalliance.org) and forum, to build a stronger SMAAC brand name.

While we envision growing the club into a more professional body, we still want to retain the family-like spirit, where members are bonded to each other in a very personal way. We hope SMAAC will be a great avenue for you to find and stay in touch with old friends, to make new ones and stay connected to SMA, an alma mater we all cherish.

Meng Kai
8th Management Committee
Singapore-MIT Alliance Alumni Club

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SMAAC 7th Annual General Meeting

The 8th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the SMA Alumni Club (SMAAC) was held on Saturday, June 14th 2008 at NUS, Meeting room E4-04-07. The outgoing 7th Management Committee President, Mr. Paul, Ni Yang, wrapped up the term in 2007/2008 and led the election of the 8th Management Committee for 2008/2009.


2007/2008 has been an exciting year for SMAAC. With the great efforts put in by all SMAAC committee members, we enjoyed a great time of fun through the various enriching & fulfilling activities, be it BBQ feast, bowling competitions, badminton workshop and tournament, professional image workshop or the finale Annual Dinner and Dance event. These are just some highlights of the achievements made by the 7th SMAAC Committee: the overall financial position for SMAAC has improved; 150 new members were recruited into SMAAC family which triples the size of total membership of the previous year; SMAAC awareness has been greatly enhanced within the industrial companies, we have managed to raise a record-breaking sponsorship of SGD3,500 plus with lots of give-aways from our generous sponsors were raised.   As the outgoing president, I am proud to say that 7th SMAAC Management Committee has well performed their duties and brought SMAAC up to a higher standard in serving the SMA students and alumni community!

Election of the 8th Management Committee

The election of the 8th Management Committee went smoothly and the core committee members, President and Vice President were elected. They were people who have been with SMAAC over the previous year and who have contributed greatly to its success. We believe that the 8th Management Committee is going to lead SMAAC to an even more exciting and rewarding year ahead.  Last of all, to all the SMA alumni, we look forward to your continued support to bring SMAAC to the new heights!

Paul, Ni Yang
President (outgoing)
7th SMAACC Management Committee

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