Singapore–MIT Alliance
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SMA seeks innovation, and scientific and engineering talent for knowledge industries in Singapore and beyond. Research projects are characterised by synergistic participation with Industry and Research Institutes. SMA’s on-going ties with academic and Industry partners facilitate lively and dynamic exchange of information pertaining to research, education, training, innovation and technology applications. Through this, a strong network is formed enabling sharing of research expertise and resources between SMA and specialised top-notch Industries.

Flagship Research Projects (FRP)

The Flagship Research Projects of SMA address challenging and significant problems at the forefront of Engineering and Science. These projects deploy large groups of faculty drawn from the Alliance as well as research manpower from Research Institutes and Industry.

Inter-University Projects (IUP)

Inter-University Projects foster collaboration between faculty members of the Alliance, facilitate individual student-faculty mentoring and the development of core disciplines, as well as establish links to the academic programmes.

Research Projects under SMA Programmes

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