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Seminars & Courses

Keep abreast with the latest developments in technology and research. SMA brings you seminars and courses conducted by faculty members who are leading experts in their specific disciplines. These sessions provide an opportunity for partners to dialogue and exchange ideas with faculty, researchers and students who then identify ways in which they can interface with the interests and needs of Industry.

 CPE Workshop and Laboratory Tour, 7 December 2007
 CE Workshop on "BioMEMS - Micro/Nano-fluidic devices: Simulation and Experimentation", 25 July 2007
 AMM&NS Summer Short Course on "Introduction to Processing and Properties of Nanoscale Materials", 9-13 July 2007
CE Mini Symposium Mini Symposium on "Computational Engineering for Biotechnology and Nanotechnology"
AMM&NS Summer Conference 2006 AMM&NS Summer Conference 2006 - "Mechanics of Inorganic and Organic Thin Films"
Design Materials Seminar on "Design of Materials for Application to Energy Storage and Generation"

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