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HPCES Research

High Performance Computation for Engineered Systems

Jaime PERAIRE and Boo Cheong KHOO

Research Papers:

Research papers for 2004 in SMA's High Performance Computation for Engineered Systems Programme are available through MIT's DSpace archive. DSpace allows full text searching and browsing of all research papers by title, author, and date.
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Description of Research Program:

This is the fifth year of the SMA Programme in High Performance Computation for Engineered Systems.

Intensive computation for simulation and optimization has become an essential activity in both the design and operation of engineered systems, where the terminology “engineered systems” includes (but goes well beyond) complex systems in engineering science (truss/mechanical structures, guidance/controller systems, imaging systems, e.g.) as well as man-made systems (nano-technology systems, telecommunications systems, transportation systems, e.g.) for which optimization and control are critical to system success. In applications as diverse of aircraft design, materials design, manufacturing operations scheduling, micro-machined device design/optimization, and airline seat pricing and inventory management, engineers and managers need computationally-tractable modeling systems that predict and optimize system performance in a reliable and timely manner. Effective computation allows for shorter design cycle times, better product quality and improved functionality. One cannot overstate the importance of computational engineering and optimization in the global industrial economy, particularly as the systems we use grow more necessary and more complex (cellular telephone telecommunications systems, the electric power grid, the internet, air transport systems, etc.). The HPCES integrated educational and research programme is designed to meet these needs.

The HPCES educational programme emphasizes breadth, through a large range of techniques and applications; depth, in areas of numerical simulation and optimization; integration and multidisciplinary aspects; and hands-on experience. The research programme, under the theme of “Effective Computation for Design and Optimization of Engineered Systems”, emphasizes the development of new methodologies cognizant of the ultimate rapid response context in which they must be applied. Multidisciplinary interactions, which often play a role in realistic problems, is also a main focus of our research.

Some illustrative research projects are given as:

  1. Robust Optimisation in Logistic and Finance
  2. Molecular simulation of Micro-and Nano Systems
  3. Parametric and Dynamic Model Order Reduction
  4. Fast algorithms for application to diverse problems ranging from Electromagnetic to Bio-MEMS
  5. Convex/Discrete/Nonlinear Optimisations

In summary, we could say that, in the educational front, our programme is well established and has had a demonstrable impact. The research activity requires a longer timescale, and we are currently starting to see the first substantive results of our collaborative efforts.

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